Winter League

Winter League

The Federation of International Lacrosse launched a new style of play to help push for Olympic inclusion. This style of play is faster, all players are more involved- including goalies, and it will give each field player offensive/defensive reps. With goalie clears after goals, a 45s shot clock, and fewer players on the field, there is no doubt that this fast-paced style of play will prepare all teams for their spring season.

Director of All Lax and Team USA Standout, Megan Douty, is excited to introduce this Olympic style of play to the local area. “I love this style of play because of its fast-paced environment, the excitement from end to end, and in comparison, these Olympic rules allow me and my teammates to prepare better than ever for our international competition.” – Megan Douty



Team USA and UNC Head Coach, Jenny Levy was excited to hear that Megan would be introducing this style of play to our area and offered some insight for us to share with you all. “As lacrosse continues to grow, there are so many different versions of the women’s game; from youth to high school rules, inter-collegiate and Women’s professional rules to the international rules, and now Olympic rules. Although the growth is exciting, It also makes player development, officials training, and fan understanding very difficult.

Not only do we need to be more intentional with playing rules that create a more consistent game between all the levels of lacrosse. We have to begin to introduce the younger generation of players to the Olympic game and rules.

Concepts like free movement, quick starts, faster play after goals, shot clock and lower player numbers are all elements of the Olympic rules that are different from our current youth and high school rules.

The opportunity for the next generation of players to use these concepts and begin to connect to the Olympic-style rules will help their overall player development, skill, and creativity. Additionally, it will educate them about the newer game concepts and make them a part of the movement for lacrosse inclusion in the 2028 LA Olympic Games.

If younger players have the opportunity to train and play with these newer game concepts, I say you should absolutely DO IT! It will improve your game and be a lot of fun!” – Jenny Levy

League Info:

Each team will have one 40 min game a week. Teams will be made up of a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 players, including a goalie. Players must sign up as individuals and will be moved to their high school/middle school/club or independent team, manually by a director. 

Email if interested in registering a full team


High School Dates:

Sundays: January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, Feb 5th, 12th, 19th, and 28th

Where: Compete Academy
1930 Heck Ave Neptune NJ 07753


Middle School Dates:

Sundays: January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, Feb 5th, 12th, 19th, and 28th

Where: Compete Academy

1930 Heck Ave Neptune NJ 07753


5th & 6th

7th & 8th

Limited spots available – once we sell out we cannot open up any more teams.

*All players must have an active US Lacrosse Membership in order to participate – to check membership status visit this link: https://membership.usalacrosse…*

9th-12th Grade Sign Up

5th-8th Grade Sign Up


  • Field size; 55 yds X 30 yds
  • Free movement on whistles (New to high school lacrosse 2019-2020 season)
  • Game structure; two 18-minute halves: running clock; 2-minute halftime 2 minutes between each game.
  • No Time Outs Allowed
  • Shot clock; 45 seconds; resets on every possession change
  • Squad size; 12-16 players, plus a goalie
  • On-field players; 7 on 7; goalie and seven field players on the field at one time. 
    • This will give the girls more opportunity on the field to get touches, offensively and defensively, because of the game’s fast-paced movement from end to end.
  • 5th-8th grade teams MUST have a coach present at all games. 
  • 5 goal deficit if no goalie present.

Additonal Training Opportunities

If you are interested in additional lacrosse skills, speed and agility, and strength and conditioning training throughout the year, please reach out to to inquire about what we have to offer. Team Invictus provides training for athletes all year round to help athletes prepare for their seasons, compete at an elite level, and reach their goals. With over a 25,000 sq. ft. facility that has a strength/conditioning gym and turf field, at our fingertips we have the ability to train the lacrosse athlete in a safe environment, in one convenient location.

*No refunds or prorates on any programs*

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